Event 1

The TriSonics earned second place at our first event at the St. Joseph Event!

At the St. Joseph District Event, the TriSonics ended up taking home the silver medal, being finalists. They also took home the second best award, read below to learn more!

Pictured above is the TriSonics after the St. Joseph District.

Day 1

Qualification matches began Friday morning and at the end of the day, the TriSonics were ranked #15 with a record of 4-4. The Chairman’s team presented to the team to the judges, pictured to the right, about our team and how we help the community.

Day 2

At the end of qualification matches, the TriSonics were ranked #10, having won 6 matches and lost 6. We were selected for Alliance Selection by the number 4 alliance captain. With the help of teams 3688 Norsemen, and 5535 Bionic Bison, we made it to the Finals before having some issues and falling short from winning the gold. In addition, the TriSonics also won the Engineering Inspiration Award which celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team's school and community. The team had a tough weekend but bounced back very quickly and positively. They are very much looking forward to the next event at Grand Valley State University.

Next Up - GVSU District Event

Come check us out at our second event at the GVSU Fieldhouse on March 22 & 23!