The TriSonics want to share what's been happening!

During our off-season we were mentoring our younger teams (Jr. FLL, FLL, and FTC) and preparing for our FRC season, our fall has been super busy. Check it out below.

Pictured above, the HexaSonics 2018-2019 team at the State Competition.

Junior FIRST LEGO League

Junior Lego League had four teams this year. This season in Jr. FLL their mission was to build a model of a moonbase and rocket. Once they arrived on the moon, how would they make their moonbase a place where they could actually live? They investigated ways to get food, air, water, and energy on the moon. They built small robots and learned how to program them to do tasks on their moonbase or animate their moonbase. They worked as a team, conducted research, and problem solved together. They learned a lot about the moon and came up with creative solutions.


We had three teams in FLL this year. At the FLL qualifier our teams won: 1st Place Champion Award (Team 20759), 1st Place in Great 8 Robot Eliminations (10401), 2nd Place Research Project (10401). Two of our three FLL teams advanced to the State competition. Our all girls team, the Snickerdoodledoo Seahorses, won the 1st Place Inspiration Award at the State level. Their Student Mentor, Celeste Haywood, won the Coach/Mentor award at State as well.

FIRST Tech Challenge

The FTC team was a finalist at the State Competition on December 14, 2018. They are getting ready to go to the FTC World Championship at the end of April. Their record so far is 26-5-1.

FIRST Robotics Competition

This is the first week of our FRC build season. The FRC kickoff was last Saturday, Jan. 5, the team is now working on prototyping the robot, building the robot field, and brainstorming our strategy for this years' game - Destination: Deep Space.