State Championship

The TriSonics Qualified for the World Championship

On April 11-13 the TriSonics competed at their State Championship competition. They might not have brought back any blue banners but they did qualify for the FRC World Championship!

Atlas, our robot, getting ready for his first match.

Day 1

On Thursday, qualification matches began at Saginaw Valley State University and the TriSonics finished the day ranked #31 out of 40 in the Ford Division.

Day 2

On Friday, qualification matches were completed and the TriSonics finished the competition ranked #26. The TriSonics went into the playoff matches of the tournament as the second pick of the #8 alliance along with FRC team 5436, The Cyber Cats, and team 5860 The Full Metal Muskrats. In addition, the Chairman’s presentation team presented to the judges at the State Championship.

Day 3

The TriSonics and their alliance competed in the Ford Division Playoff matches and sadly lost in the quarter finals. The TriSonics still had a great time and qualified for the World Championship in Detroit.

Up Next - World Championship

The TriSonics next event will be the FIRST Championship hosted in the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan from April 25-27.