Week 1

The TriSonics are ready to LAUNCH.

The TriSonics are one week into build season, and things are going well! We have analyzed the game and are starting to develop a strategy and get things rolling. Check out more below.

Picture above, the TriSonics at the 2019 Destination Deep Space kickoff

Design Team

The design team began by learning about the game, from scoring opportunities to specific rules and restrictions. Throughout the week, we conceptualized multiple ways to accomplish each aspect of the game. After a few days of discussion, we were able to narrow it down to a few systems that we wanted to begin prototyping. After testing these, we were able to select which method was best for each aspect of the game. At the end of the week, we shifted focus to drivetrain, where we discussed which gearboxes and motors to use, and were able to start designing the chassis.

Chairmans/Promotion Team

This week, the chairman's team worked on the award video, finished the executive summaries, the main essay and are working on making new apparel for the team, along with updating the website. The promotion team has put together a few ideas to get the TriSonics name out there more. We are looking into our business plan and developing ideas for the Entrepreneurship Award.

Wiring Team

On the wiring team, the students took "refresher courses" on pneumatics and wiring. They have ordered the parts they need and made a chassis to practice with.

Build Team

For the build team, we went to a CNC router shop, who helped us cut all pieces of the field. We built two rockets, both player stations, and we are working on the cargo ship. Another piece that we have begun building is the habitat.

Programming Team

This week programming team started to plan out what we are going to do for controls this season. We started preparing all the hardware and software for use this season. We also started looking into using machine learning to locate the cargo, hatch panel, and vision targets.