Week 3

We're halfway there!

The TriSonics are halfway through the build season.

The photo up above is the build team working hard on building our chassis

Design Team

The design team split into three subteams to focus on different aspects of the robot. A few students further developed the robot lift system, designing a forklift component to potentially lift another robot up with us. The front lift subteam worked on designing a custom gearbox, and has completed detail drawings to soon release to the build team. The intakes are continuing to be revised and this subteam is calculating gear ratios for the pivot. Bumpers were started and are close to completion.

Build Team

This week build team has worked on creating the gearboxes, orienting the field for autonomous testing, and they started to complete the air compressor system.

Controls Team

This week they started by taking ~1000 pictures of the hatch panels, cargo, and vision targets in various positions and environments. By labeling the items in the pictures by drawing a box around them, we'll be able to train an AI for vision processing. We plan on using this to find these items on the field and orient ourselves correctly. We also set up the SparkMax motor controls, wrote basic teleop and auton code, and hooked up a camera to the chassis. The wiring team has been teaching new students the basics of wiring. They have added a camera to a spare chasis, and put together spare parts for the upcoming season.


The Chairmans/Promotion team has been working hard at finding pictures for our video. The chairmans video should be done by the end of the day. We have all of our essays completed and they just need approval before they can be judged. We have finished one batch of paper bags for Kid's Food Basket and we are coloring our next batch. We have been planing outreach opportunities for our team including valentines day cards and food drives. The promotion team has also been planing gifts for our sponsors.