Week 4

White Out!

There was SO much snow this week we only had three meetings! We were still able to complete a lot.

Some members of the build team are making Valentine's Day cards for Helen DeVos

Design Team

The design team worked to finalize all of the sub-assemblies. The robot lift is very near the release of the drawings, with a few minor things being finished. The front lift gearbox is designed and close to finished. The intakes are being rethought, due to a few problems with the current design. We are finding a better layout to accommodate motor mounting, and to fit it inside our frame. This became the main focus toward the end of the week as we push to release the full robot for fabrication.

Chairman's/Promotion Team

The Chairman's team finished the video, made an outline for/finished the presentation, and printed the team pictures for our build room. The Promotion team started pricing the promotional items and making the ribbons to hand out at the competitions.

Controls Team

The Programming made progress on several different areas for the robot’s code. Most notably, a focus has been shifted from TensorFlow to using OpenCV to ensure that the robot can efficiently and reliably find specific locations on the field. Another important factor that has seen much progress this week is the autonomous programs. With the habitat being built, better testing is available to us and several different potential routes have been created and tested. Going from the habitat zone to both the rocket and the cargo ship have been made in a variety of variations.

Build Team

The Build team has accomplished many things this week. They have finished the practice field, built the gearboxes, machining parts, and they are currently working on organizing the build room.