Week 5

Almost There!

We are near the end of our build season. It's a real time crunch.

The build season is coming to a close and our robot is getting closer to being complete.

Design Team

This week in Design Team, we released new parts for recently designed sub-assemblies for the robot. First, we made detail drawings for the gearbox parts that are used for the rear and front lift systems and printed them. Next, detail drawings for the front lift system were made and the Design Team updated older details. Then, we finished making the parts for the rear robot lift and changed some parts to fit the frame then released the detail drawings we made to the build team. After that, some of the mentors helped us design an entire new intake system for the front of the robot. We came up with new ideas that would work with the current lift system since we didn't have time to build a new one. following that, detailed and exploded drawings where quickly made for the intake. Finally some of the last detailed drawing are being sent out to the Build Team to be fabricated.

Build Team

This week build team has been cutting, milling, and machining parts for the robot. Build team has also started assembling components of the robot.

Controls Team

Progress on the Autonomous profiles has been made, linking together different profiles and commands to have more complex and useful pathways for the robot to take. It utilizes both mapped out profiles and sensors to line up with targets around the field. One profile begins on the ramp, goes to the rocket, turns around, and then heads for the losing station. Now that the chassis has been put together and wired, the opportunity to test and perfect profiles with the correct chassis for the year has been opened. Another project that is in the works and near completion is shifting between high and low gear, which will be a button on the controller that allows for us to go between fast and very fast.

Chairman's/Promotion Team

This week, the Chairman's team submitted all the essays for the Chairman's Award. Next, they began working on the presentation for the judges. Another focus of the group was to train and teach younger students in outreach and business in order to develop this part of the team for future years.