Week 6

Almost to bag day!

Bag day is this Tuesday, and our robot is so close to being done! Stay tuned for a reveal video.

Pictured above is the build team, hard at work making buttons.

Design Team

Throughout the week, we have been creating, drawing, and releasing parts so that the robot can be completed by bag day. We have also been making exploded views and drawings of the assemblies on the robot so that build team can assemble them in the correct way.

Chairman's/Promotion Team

Chairman's and Promotion have teamed together to tackle the Entrepreneurship Award. We have been designing buttons and bracelets that we will be handing out at our competitions.

Controls Team

This week the programming started by adding a couple more autonomous profiles. We also improved the vision targeting, and added a button on the controller to use vision targeting while in teleoperated mode. After that we fleshed out a couple of bugs with the Spark Maxes and now the robot is running smoothly. Today we started programming our scouting app in Android Studio. Wiring Team: During the week we have been assembling and mounting the wiring components to the robot. we have also been setting up the pneumatic system for the shifters on the robot. And lastly we have been working on our cable management skills.

Build Team

We have mounted the front and back lift to the chassis. We have also been busy making parts for assembly's not yet made. A sub group of the build team has been working on making new bumpers and making more buttons for future competitions.