World Championship

The TriSonics and HexaSonics end their season with a great launch.

The TriSonics landed onto planet Primus at the World Championship in Detroit. After the three days of qualification matches the TriSonics ended 4th with a win loss record of 6/3/1 and became the 3rd alliance captain. The TriSonics also won their division for the 2nd time in a row. The FTC team the HexaSonics joined the TriSonics in going to the world championship the HexaSonics ended 15th with a win loss record of 6/3 in the Ochoa division

Pictured above is the TriSonics and HexaSonics in front of Canada outside the Cobo Center

Day 1

On Thursday, qualification matches began at the Cobo Center in Detroit and the TriSonics finished the day ranked #5 in the Daly Division with a record of 2-1-1. A total of 405 teams competed, which are divided into 6 divisions. To unwind, the TriSonics went to Ford Field for an all FIRST robotics team welcome party.

Day 2

On Friday, after 114 qualification matches were completed, the TriSonics finished the competition ranked #4 out of 68 teams in the Daly Division. The TriSonics had a record of 4-2 for the day, and an overall 6-3-1 record, which is pretty impressive at the World Championship! With alliance selections on Saturday morning, the TriSonics were able to have some time at the hotel to go through their scouting data and create a pick list with lots of time for discussion.

Day 3

Saturday started with awards then it went onto alliance selections. The TriSonics were alliance captain #3 their alliance partners were 133 BERT, 862 Lightning Robotics, and 2614 M.A.R.S. They ended up winning their division for the second year in a row, they went onto Einstein going in the Round Robin up against the other winners of the other divisions. The TriSonics ended up getting knocked out with a record of 0-5

TriSonics Shoutout

Quick shoutout to the awesome TriSonics Class of 2019. Thank you for all your hard work this season, you will be missed!

The HexaSonics

A big congratulations to the FTC the HexaSonics they were part of the Ochoa division they eneded in 15 out 80 teams with a win loss record of 6/3 the HexaSonics haven't been to Worlds since 2015 this is a big accomplishment to the team this year they did amazing going up against high schoolers from other states and countries.