The TriSonics want to share what's been happening!

During our off-season we were mentoring our younger teams (Jr. FLL, FLL, VEX IQ, and FTC) and preparing for our FRC season, our fall has been super busy. Check it out below.

Pictured above, all of the 2019 Allendale robotics teams


This year, we had 4 Jr. FLL teams that worked hard on their projects. Students were told to imagine and create a safe, healthy, and happy community out of legos and develop what FIRST City means to them.


We had three Allendale FLL teams this year. Our teams competed the Grandville FLL qualifier. Our teams did excellent at this event the Circuit Breakers (10401) won 1st place in robot programming and 2nd place overall. The Snickerdoodledoo Seahorses (20759), Allendale's all girls FLL team, won 2nd place in robot performance and they were the tournament grand champions. Both of these teams moved on and competed at the FLL State Championship. The Snickerdoodledoo Seahorses won 2nd place in robot programming at this event.


Allendale has 4 VEX IQ teams, 3 boys teams and 1 all girls team. At one of their competitions the Supersonics were awarded with the innovate award and the skills award. Coding Crusaders finished 3rd in their last league event, they also received the maze award for their out of the box design.


The HexaSonics first competition was the Constantine FTC Qualifier. At this competition they had a win loss record of 4-1. They were the first pick on the #3 Alliance team. The team made it to the semi-finals, and they won the Inspire Award. One of the highest awards you can win at an event. At their second competition, the Allendale FTC Qualifier, they had a win loss record of 5-0 at this event. They were the first pick on the #1 Alliance. The Hexasonics were the event finalists. They will be competing at the State Championship in Battle Creek this weekend December 13-14.