Week 1

The Phantom TriSonics

The TriSonics are one week into build season, and things are going well! We have analyzed the game and are starting to develop a strategy to get things rolling. Check below for more info!

The TriSonics at the Infinite Recharge Kickoff.

Design Team

The design team has been researching different intakes and shooters for this year's robot. We wanted a chassis that could easily roll over the boundaries on the rendezvous point and the trench run. We tested different designs by rolling old drive trains over a 1 x 3 aluminium bar. After some testing, we settled on a design. We have been developing the chassis in SolidWorks and we are currently making the detailed drawings for it.

Build Team

We strategized with the team on kickoff and helped come up with robot designs. So far this week, we have assembled the practice field and cleaned up the build room.

Business and Marketing Team

The Sponsorship team has been working on making sponsorship packets. We have also been putting together a Direct Your Dollars so team members can collect Family Fare receipts to collect money for the team. The Chairman's team has been busy writing executive summaries for the team. We are currently working on editing the summaries and writing an outline for the main essay.

Programming Team

We have been getting everything ready for the season by getting out Wheelie, our 2017 robot, along with trying code, and experimenting with the limelight.