Week 2

Attack of the TriSonics

After a busy week one, week two seems to have been even busier. We have started the design process after finalizing our strategy, and we're excited where things are heading. Our practice field is almost complete and the design process is underway. Keep reading for more!

Some members of our design team busy at work.

Design Team

This week, the design team worked on designing the robot’s chassis along with starting work on the intake subsystem. We answered many questions about the design of the robot as we figured out how to tackle this year’s challenge. The design team has many new members this year, and we are all excited for what is to come this season.

Build Team

The build team has been very busy this week. So far, we finished assembling and marking the practice field and have spent lots of time cleaning and sorting the build room. We tested the shooter prototype, machined released parts from the design team, and swapped the tool box.

Business and Marketing

This week the Business and Marketing team worked on editing the executive summaries and the writing the main essay. We also worked on thanking the sponsors that have helped us out, along with putting their logos on the website.

Programming Team

Much of this week for the programming team has been spent on setting things up. We have been working with the robot from Stronghold because of the similarity between Stronghold and Infinite Re-Charge. Our first plan of action was to program the Stronghold Robot. We have written the code which makes the turret Rotate and Tilt, which is essential when aiming the robot. We then wrote the code to make the robot drive. While some of us were doing this, others were working on the Targeting System, which enables the the robot to lock onto the reflector tape on the Field. Combining this all together, we were able to get the robot to move around while the turret would continuously lock onto the target. We then work on the autonomous part of the robot, teaching our new members how to make the robot move a certain distance automatically.