Week 3

Revenge of the TriSonics

The TriSonics are now on their third week of the build season and have accomplished a lot. Check below for more info!

The Power Port was built and put up in our build space.

Design Team

The Design team is almost done designing the shooter and we are working on a way to mount it. We have been developing detailed drawings of the shooter and the intake. We have passed some of our released drawings to the build team so they can test our design and give us feedback. Finally, we are working on a way to bring the power cells from the intake to the shooter.

Build Team

Throughout the 3rd week of the season, the build team started the week by splitting up tasks to multiple groups of people. One group was assigned to start constructing the wheel assembly. Another group of the build team also finished building the control panel. A group started assembling the main gearboxes for the Drive Train. Later in the week, the team started to prototype a design for our intake. We also started to assemble a prototype for spinning the control panel. We then finished assembling the turret for our shooting mechanism.

Business and Marketing Team

The Business and Marketing team were finishing up on their executive summaries and their main essay. We also started working on the video to present, along with photos of our team for the website.

Programming Team

The Programming team started doing a coordinate system while Kyle and David explained the math that went with that. We started working on a drive to point command that would allow us to drive around on a coordinate plane. Also we started working on the color sensor and started to count the amount of rotations of the color wheel as it was spun.