Week 4

The TriSonics Get A New Hope!

As week 4 comes to a close we work hard to complete the robot. Look below for more information!

Some of the TriSonics hanging on to the shield generator hoping not to fall.

Design Team

This week the design team started working on the ball delivery system, which will transport the power cells from the intake to the ball shooter. We decided to change from a wide robot to a more narrow robot, making it two inches longer. Later in the week, we started to reprint every detail drawing in the robot and making minor changes in the drawing to accommodate for the change in the frame. We are preparing to release drawing to build team for production.

Build Team

This week the build team finalized the prototypes for the control panel, the Intake, the ball singulator, the shooter, and the hanging device. We also had some senior members teach and mentor the newer members on how to use certain tools and machines to increase their experience. The build team has also started the process of machining released parts for the frame and drivetrain of the robot. We finished off the week with the construction of the shield generator.

Business and Marketing Team

This week the business and marketing team completed their essays and executive summaries for the judges. We also started to work on the video for ideas and what questions to ask those being interviewed.

Programming Team

This week the programming team started working on profiling, which allows the robot to follow a smooth curve around the field while also doing inventory. We also figured out how the new encoders work and started to test them.