Week 5

The TriSonics Strike Back!

The TriSonics build season is coming to a close. We are striking back to make the robot amazing. Check below for more information!

Our programming team is excited about getting the chassis.

Design Team

This week the design team has been working on finishing and finalizing the design of the robot. We worked on getting drawings approved and put them into our binder that contains the detail drawings of the robot. We updated more drawings and printed them to be sent to the build team. We have been releasing designs of the intake and other sub-assemblies to the build team. We began designing the hanging mechanism for the shield generator and also worked on finishing the control panel device.

Build Team

This week build team focused on assembling the chassis for programming to start their work on the robot. We also taped an outline of half of the field on the floor in the programming room for visual reference and autonomous programming. Finally, we worked on assemblies for the ball delivery system.

Business and Marketing Team

This week the business and marketing team finished our executive summaries, main essay, and the Woodie Flowers award. We worked on the video and started to update the website with team photos.

Programming Team

This week the programming team programmed a light bar that is incredibly important because it informs the Drive Team on the speed of the motor. We have also been working on a Scouting App for our competitions; we changed it this year to make an app for our scouters so they can scout on their phone. Not only is developing a mobile app for scouting a valuable asset for the team, it also provides valuable knowledge and skills in an area that is becoming the industry standard for the programming team.