Week 7

The TriSonics Awaken

Our team is close with finishing the robot with a few minor touches

Our robot in it's first form

Design Team

This week the design team we have been releasing a lot of parts and assemblies to the build team. The shooter sub-assembly was finished and released. The intake system changed a little bit. We have been adding revisions to the things that we've been changing. We progressed on the design of the hanging system and began focusing our energy towards the completion of it.

Build Team

This week build team focused on fine tuning assemblies, replacing the plates on the gearboxes, and building the shooter. We created mounts for the air tanks so that wiring could finish pneumatic work, and have been finishing assemblies for the completed shooter and mounting it

Business and Marketing Team

This week the business and marketing team finished the chairmans video. We started to work on the presentation and expand on our history, and come up with button ideas. We also ended with updating our website to have all our members of the team being shown.

Programming Team

This week the programming team has mainly been wiring the robot by connecting motors and other devices to the PDP and getting everything connected to run the robot soon. Also we are starting to hook up pneumatics to get all of those parts up and running for us to start programming.