Season Recap

What's happened so far this year?

This season was very different compared to previous years. To stay safe, we relied on Zoom for most of our meetings. When we did meet in-person only a few small groups of the team would meet at a time. FIRST robotics introduced some new challenges that teams could participate in virtually this year instead of hosting in-person competitions.

Some new team apparel this year was face masks!

New Subteams for 2021 and Awards

We created two new subteams to work on some of the new challenges presented by FIRST, Game Design and Infinite Recharge at Home (IR@H). Our game design subteam worked to create a game that could be used at a future FIRST competition.This group wrote short essays explaining the field, game elements, and rules. Our IR@H subteam modified and filmed our robot completing different challenges on the field. Both groups prepared a presentation for the judges and presented last month. The awards were announced on May 15th. We are happy to share with you that we won the Excellence in Engineering Award!

Dean's List

This year our team nominated Logan and Celeste for the Dean’s List Award! Both students were semi-finalists and advanced to the next level! This was very exciting as they are the first students on our team to make it this far!


Congratulations to one of our Seniors, Colton, for being awarded a FIRST Scholarship at Kettering University!

New Equipment

We are happy to announce the recent purchase of a brand new mill and a 3D Resin Printer for our program! This mill will be very beneficial while creating new parts for our robots!

Future Open House

Another new thing this season is our rooms! We recently moved to the first floor of Allendale Highschool. This will make loading up for competitions a lot easier. Because, as you can imagine, robots and stairs do not mix well… Stay tuned for an open house where you can come and check it out!