Event 1

The TriSonics are the champions of the St. Joseph event!

The TriSonics had a blast at our first event of the season! Read more about the event below!

Pictured above, The TriSonics' drive team joined on the field by the alliance captain, 2767 - Stryke Force, and second pick, 3452 - GreengineerZ

Qualification Matches

We competed in a total of twelve qualification matches. We ended qualification matches ranked #6 with a win-loss ratio of 9-3.


During Alliance selection, our team was chosen by the #1 ranked team: 2767 - Stryke Force. We gratefully accepted their invitation, and together we picked team: 3452 - The GreengineerZ. Together this alliance rose to the top and won the event.

Industrial Design Award

At this event, our team also won the Industrial Design Award. Which celebrates a team that demonstrates industrial design principles, striking a balance between form, function, and aesthetics. This award was very fitting! Our robot was one of the only robots that did not need major repairs after each match. On top of this, our robot was one of the fastest and most efficient on the field.

Next up - GVSU!

Come watch us at our next competition! Taking place March 25-26th at GVSU's Fieldhouse!