Week 1

Jumping into our 10th season!

It’s a brand new season, and The TriSonics quickly made ourselves busy thinking of what the robot is going to look like. This season is also very special to us because it is our 10 year anniversary!

This is a photo of our new display case at Allendale Public Schools!

Design Team

After breaking down game strategy, the entire team got together in small groups, and we brainstormed different ways to intake cargo, shoot the cargo, and climb on the hangar bars. Pros and cons of the ideas were evaluated, and then the best designs were selected to be developed into prototypes. As of now, prototypes for the three main subsystems are in development, and we should be able to start testing our prototypes next week.

Build Team

Build team constructed frame of robot, built and attached the swerve drive wheels to the frame, inventoried parts and helped build prototype parts and testing ball interactions with top goal angle. Coach Chad also started to teach the Build Team how to use and program the CNC Router. We will be using this for many of our prototype and robot parts this season.

Programming Team

First, we bought a new laptop for the Driver Station. We then downloaded all the software we needed for this year. On Saturday, we also started wiring a practice chassis for a new wheel setup called Swerve Drive.


We want to to thank all of our mentors that are helping again this season. We have some great people that are able to help with many areas of our program. Without them our programs would not be possible. We want to give a huge Thank You to all of our team coaches, volunteers, and mentors!