Week 2

Ready for Action!

This week The TriSonics have been busy at work! We have made a lot of progress with all our prototypes and with our chassis. Read more about it below!

Design Team sharing their progress with the other sub-teams

Design Team

This week, the design team finished our prototypes, and then we began looking at the design of the final robot. Students continued to work together in smaller groups, and much headway was made with the shooter and intake. The intake group finished testing their prototype and is now working on the final design, and the shooter group built a prototype that could successfully score up to half-field shots in the upper goal. Other groups also focused on brainstorming the hanging system; one challenge this year will be figuring out how to fit the climber with the intake and shooter. Lastly, the robot’s bumpers and frame for the year were designed.

Build Team

This week the build team worked on building game elements, attaching tread to the swerve drive, and cleaning up the build area. We also helped other sub teams with their prototypes.

Programming Team

This week we finished wiring the practice chassis and started test driving it. For the rest of the week we worked on getting the wheels to work properly. We also helped wire the prototype for our shooter. We worked with the design team on this and helped them collect data for the shooter.


We want to thank all of our Sponsors for their help this season. We have been honored to have a lot of our older sponsors and several new sponsor come to help this season! We want to thank all of you for your generous contributions to our teams! If you are a former sponsor that would like to help again this season, please let us know. Our costs are increasing, like a lot of other businesses are seeing, and any funding or materials can help the team.