Week 3

Jumping into action!

We have made a lot of progress so far this season! Read more about what's happening below!

Members of our build team being trained on how to use the Mill and CNC machines.

Design Team

This week in design, we worked on developing the systems on our robot. We worked on our intake system, working on angles and pneumatic placement, in order to create a path of travel with constant compression on the game piece. Another group of students worked to design a shooting system that allows for precise and quick launching of the cargo. Our shooter will use a shifting angle as well as an adjustment of wheel speed in order to be able to successfully perform shots from anywhere on the playing field. For the hanging system, we will be using 3 arms, with 1 (middle arm) being stationary. Over the week, we have been developing the system and creating models that will be fabricated and put onto the robot.

Programming Team

Over the past week we have been continuing to work with the swerve drive chassis. This week we also attached a limelight camera to that chassis and have been experimenting with that in the code. We also have been helping build team with some prototype testing, along with writing an autonomous program to run a simple route around the center hub.

Build Team

This week, we built most of the lower section of the goal. We taped out the field followed by training on the machines. (Mill and CNC) We continued to help design team as we worked on further improving and testing the shooter prototype.

Halfway there...

We are ending week 3 of our 6 week build. This year has been a little tougher and we are not as far along as we hoped, but the team has been doing a great job in all areas. For design we have done more advanced prototypes this season to assure a better robot, programming is learning our new drive system and understanding how to make it drive in autonomous along with the vision system, and our build team has been busy with our prototype, making parts, and building our practice filed component. Great job team, lets keep up the good work!