Week 4

We are almost there!

Lots of progress has been made this week from all of our different sub-teams. We have finished a lot of prototypes, working on writing up submissions for awards, trained students on the different machinery and much more! Read all about it below!

Several of our team members building together

Design Team

This week, the design team continued to develop and refine our subsystems. Progress went well for the intake and ball delivery teams, who both released more prototypes for the build team to work on. Development of the shooter and climbing/hanging system was also steady. Freshmen took center stage this week as they helped draw up prints for various parts and design areas on the robot where our controls systems will be mounted. Most people on our design team are seniors this year, so we've been making sure to train up the rookies that are the future of our program. Next week, the design team looks to start releasing final prints of parts so that build can get to work on the robot.

Programming Team

This week the programming team continued testing batteries throughout. We started making several autonomous programs along with starting to developing the scouting app. We worked with the design team to figure out how the electronics will be placed/run on the final robot.

Build Team

Build team assembled both the intake and delivery prototype this week. We built the second set of swerve drive modules and put together the driver station shelf. We also continued further machine training