Week 5

So close!!

All the subgroups have been very busy this week! Read more about it below!

The team meeting after lunch on Saturday to discuss updates among the subgroups

Design Team

This week, the design team worked on finalizing parts on the different sub assemblies. We are working hard to update and release as many drawings as possible so we can pass them on to the build team. We have been logging all of our drawings into a spreadsheet. The shows us what progress has been made on each drawing and what still needs to get completed for each drawing.

Programming Team

The programming team worked on setting up and updating the pixycam for this years robot. To get ready for the competition, we also wrote more autonomous programs, updated our old driver station, and continued working on the scouting app.

Build Team

Build team checked the majority of our new falcon motors for factory defects. We also machined different parts for the final robot. Some of which are pictured to the left.