Week 7

Our Robot Starts Piecing Together

Our robot is almost finished! We ran some test shots with our mounted shooter and things are looking good.

The current state of our robot

Design Team

The design team released all the drawings for our robot except the hanging system. We logged all our progress on our spreadsheet. We plan to push through our next week with 100% focus on our hanging system. We are hoping to have it completed by our first competition. This is a picture of our current state robot shooting game elements into the hoop.

Build Team

We pieced together all the sub-assemblies of our robot onto the chassis. We went and tested the different mechanics to make sure they were working properly. This picture shows 2 game pieces inside our ball entry/delivery systems.

Programming Team

We have been working on wiring the robot. We are planning to hook up the pneumatic system next. After we get the robot all set, we will begin to work on programming the controls.

VEX IQ On The Way To Worlds!

Congratulations to our VEX IQ Team 61187A: Gear Grinders! They got invited to the VIQ State Championship and placed 8th overall and 16th in skills. They also won the Think Award which qualifies them for the World Championship!! Awesome job and Congratulations!