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To support our students, we have broken the FLL Program into multiple teams.  Each team is comprised, on average, of 6 students.  Our FLL Teams are parent volunteer led and we have had the opportunity to have our FRC Students helping also.

Our all girls FLL team is led by former and current female FRC Students.

Lego Titans (FLL Team 429)
4th - 5th Grade

LEGO Titans is the first of several of the Allendale Roboitcs FLL Teams.  The Titans have been a long time team that have gone through several generations of students, coaches, and team names, starting in 2010 as D.R.O.I.D.  

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Circuit Breakers (FLL Team 10401)
4th - 5th Grade

This is Allendale Robotics FLL Team.  This team was founded in 2012 when we started to have more growth in the program.  This team, back in 2012, was LEGO E.L.I.T.E. and has since gone trough several changes in students and coaches.  

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Snickerdoodledoo Seahorses (FLL Team 20759)

At Allendale Robotics, we want everybody to have to opportunity to participate in robotics. Although girls are able to participate in all of our teams - this one is made just for them! Our team is coached by parents and females in STEM (former and current FRC Team members), and designed just for girls!  This team was originally names the Royal Robotic Rebels but later changed their name to the Snickerdoodledoo Seahorses.

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