What is FIRST?

What is FIRST?

FIRST is about inspiring students to become leaders in science and technology. This is a program that helps build skills in science, engineering, and technology. FIRST also helps build up self confidence, communication, and leadership. One of their goals is gracious professionalism, this means to compete but still respect each other. This emphasizes respect for individuals and the community. FIRST also promotes coopertition, this way we show kindness and respect while competing with others. This is used to help teams respect each other and cooperate with others while they are in a competition. Coopertition is used to help teach others on your team and learn from others on your team. 

FIRST works with academic organizations, this way they are able to research and compare what careers that their members end up going into. This organization has many scholarships related to FIRST. Last year they had over $20 million going towards college scholarships, as well as over 900 scholarship opportunities, and over 180 scholarship providers. FIRST is sponsored by a lot of generous corporations, educational institutions, professional businesses, and Individuals who support FIRST. The sponsors provide a large amount of funding, time, talent, volunteers, and equipment so we are able to do what we do today.

Teams work together in a challenge to raise funds, design a team, gain teamwork skills, and work to create a robot to compete. There are usually four main groups to each team. In each team there is a group for programming, marketing, building, and designing. All of which work together to create the robot. For each team there is are volunteer mentors who share their talents to help the students create the robot that reaches their goals. In FIRST, students get to learn from engineers, build a robot, design a robot, compete with their robot, learn to use hardware and software, cooperate with other teams, and qualify for a scholarship. Joining FIRST for a science or engineering related career would be very beneficial.
Learn more at www.firstinspires.org.

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