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llendale Robotics is a organization based out of Allendale, MI that provides quality robotics programs to students of all ages. We offer teams for students from Allendale and the surrounding areas. Our programs teach students design, programming and building, along with other valuable skills such as public speaking and marketing. We offer programs for students in grades K-12 which simulate real life situations. Our teams is mentored by volunteers, many of whom are professionals in the fields that our team prepares our students for. If you're looking for a fun after school activity, Allendale Robotics could be for you!

Our Mentors


Chad Potinsky
Lead Mentor

Chad Potinsky is the head mentor for Allendale Robotics and has been a FIRST Mentor since 2002 (starting on Holland C.H.A.O.S.- Team 74).  In 2001 he formed an FLL team and FLL Jr team in Allendaleand, in 2012, he founded our FRC Team - 4003: The TriSonics.

During the day, he is an Advanced Manufacturing Engineer working for ODL in Zeeland, MI.


David Austin
Programming Mentor

David Austin started as a coach for FLL in 2008 and has been the programming mentor for our FRC team since 2012 and for FTC since 2014. Dave was also a founding member of the Trisonics.

During the day, Dave is a professional mathematician teaching courses at our local university, Grand Valley State University.


Dale Van Lopik
Fabrication Mentor

Dale Van Lopik has been with our FRC team since the creation in 2012. He works with our students in fabrication and is also the main mentor that works with the build team. Dale was also a Mentor on the Holland team with Chad for a few years and joined our team when it was founded.Outside of Robotics, Dale works at Knoll as a Manufacturing Engineer and enjoys sailing.


Morrie Cunningham
Awards / Scouting / Strategy Mentor

Morrie has always been passionate about FIRST. His journey began when he participated in the Grandville High Schools' RoboDawgs, and still coaches FLL with them. Now, as a graduate from Grand Valley State, he mentors FRC team 4003 while working in the STEM field. 

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