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GVSU Picture Deans list

Deans List Nominee for Our 2024 Season

Lydia Haywood is our nominee for the 2024 Dean’s List, she was selected by our mentors for her outstanding work and contribution to our team. She will be recognized at

2023 Dean's List Nominees Lukas and Adrien

2023 Dean’s List Nominees

Adrien Dana and Lukas Wierenga are our nominees for the 2023 Dean’s List, they were selected by our mentors for their outstanding work and contribution to our team. These two

2023 Kickoff

2023 Kickoff

January 7th started off the kickoff to the 2023 Trisonics season, everyone split off into groups to strategize ideas for our game strategy. We had around 13 new members join

Allendale FTC Team, HexaSonics, competing at their home competition.

Allendale Hosts 3rd Annual FTC Competition

Allendale FTC Team HexaSonics Competing at their home competition Allendale is proud to host for the 3rd year the Annual Allendale FTC competition with this year’s game: Velocity Vortex! 35