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About VEX GO

Our VEX GO program is for our 2-3rd Grade Students. The VEX GO Competition is a competition that takes place right in the classroom. The students will go head-to-head in online challenges that drive them to put their STEM skills to the test in a uniquely engaging setting. Along the way, they’ll learn scientific concepts, teamwork, and perseverance.

VEX GO will move the students up a level with what they learn in VEX 1-2-3 and get then introduced to building a small mechanics and robots that have a programable interface.  Students will learn in a classroom like setting how the mechanics and programming works together along with building challenges to help them demonstrate what they learn.  With this program the students will participate in a classroom competition using a themed game.  The VEX GO program will be providing 1 kit for every 2 students and will be overseen by parent volunteers.