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2013: FTC Block Party

Overview of the Season

This was the HexaSonics Rookie season with 6 members all coming from an FLL background. In FTC Block Party, alliances of 2 teams each competed to pick up 2″ square blocks and place them in plastic crates mounted on a pendulum. At the end of the game, bonus points were scored for hanging the robot on a bar on top of a ramp. In 2013, the HexaSonics was part of the winning alliance at the Michigan State Championship. they advanced to the North Super Regional in Iowas where they were selected on the #4 alliance and eliminated in the Quarter Finals. They also, after some luck of a team not attending, were advanced to the World Championship event in St. Louis. This season they were the only Michigan MS FTC team to make this great accomplishment. Unfortunately, they were not sleeted for any awards or alliances. Overall, a great rookie season for these six middle school students that founded the team!

Our Awards

  •  Innovation in Controls at the Kentwood Qualification Event
  •  Winning Alliance at the Kentwood Qualification Event
  •  Inspire Award at the Kentwood Qualification Event
  •  Controls Award at the Michigan State Championship
  •  Winning Alliance at the Michigan State Championship