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Robot Name: Katie

Overview of the Season

In the FIRST POWER UP game, teams are trapped in an 8bit video game! Teams use power cubes to defeat the boss. Teams alliances score by placing power cubes on the scale or their switch. When either the scale or switch is tipped in an alliance’s favor, the respective alliance gains points. Alliances can also exchange power cubes for power-ups in the vault. Power-ups provide advantages throughout the match. Teams can also climb the scale tower to gain additional points at the end of the match and “face the boss”. This season, the TriSonics had 32 members and 9 mentors to complete the challenges of the game.

Our Awards

  •  Innovation in Controls Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation at the Kettering #2 District
  •  District Event Winner at the Kettering #2 District
  •  District Chairman’s Award at the West Michigan District
  •  District Event Winner at the West Michigan District
  •  Ford Division Winner at the Michigan Championship
  •  Michigan Championship Winner at the Michigan Championship
  •  Autonomous Award sponsored by Ford at the FIRST Championship – Detroit
  •  Archimedes Subdivision Winner at the FIRST Championship – Detroit

Team & Robot