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2024: Technically Winners – 61187C

Allendale Event 

  • Ranked 4th in skills
  • Ranked 3rd overall
  • Teamwork 2nd Place Award 
  • Amaze Award

Grandville New Years Event 

  • Ranked 1st in skills!
  • Ranked 1st overall!
  • Teamwork 2nd Place Award
  • Robot Skills Champion Award

Jenison League Event

  • Ranked 2nd in skills
  • Ranked 5th overall

Advanced to State Championship! 

  • Ranked 9th overall
  • Teamwork 5th place Award
  • Finalist Ranking 5th

Invited to the C.R.E.A.T.E. Event in Iowa!

Our Team members:

  • Ryan
  • Lucas
  • Frank
  • Maverick