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About the TriSonics

2019 TriSonics Team Picture

The TriSonics is FRC team 4003, based in Allendale Michigan. Our team is made up of students from Allendale, Coopersville, Jenison, homeschool, and other surrounding areas. Our team began in 2012 with only 5 members, and since then we have grown 4 times in size! Ninth through Twelfth graders come together in order to create robots and volunteer in our community. Along with competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition, our team volunteers in our community and works side by side with local businesses. To join the TriSonics you don’t need to have any sort of previous experience, and everyone has a spot on our team!

What TriSonics Means

TriSonics Logo

TRI – Representing our first three schools ( Allendale, Coopersville, Jenison)

S –  Scientifically

O – Outstanding

N – Nerdy

I – Inspired

C – Crazy

S – Students

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Our Subteams

Design Team

The Design Team has to understand the objective of each year's game. Ultimately, they draft scetch's and develop their ideas in Autodesk Inventor to create and design 3D models for building the robot.

Build Team

The build subteam works hand in hand with the fabrication team to construct the robot using the parts from fabrication, and the models from design, to create and upgrade the robot.

Fabrication Team

The fabrication subteam is responsible for collaborating with design team to create the parts that they design and to ensure production quality of all parts made.

Wiring Team

The wiring team is responsible for all thing electric. All the lights and motors on our robot are hooked up and tested by our wiring team. They are also responsible for debugging issues along side the programming team.

Programming Team

Without code, the robot wouldn’t move. In order to allow the robot to move and complete the objectives for each year’s game, the programming subteam writes code for the robot using a programming language called Java.

Sponsorship Team

Allendale Robotics prides itself in being an active participating member in our community. The outreach team is responsible for organizing and coming up with ideas for fundraisers and volunteer opportunities.

Safety Team

Our favorite saying is "Safety FIRST!". The safety team ensures that everyone on our team is following the rules in terms of safety. Make sure you've got your safety glasses!

Website Team

The job of the website subteam is to manage, write content and design the website for Allendale Robotics. The TriSonics work with one of our sponsors BizStream™, a local web design and development company, to create the very website you’re on right now!