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Michigan Governor meets with FIRST Robotics Teams

Just a couple weeks after the TriSonics returned from St. Louis, they got the opportunity to do a meet-and-greet with the Governor of Michigan. Along with several other West Michigan FIRST robotics teams, the students took their robot out to Holland during Tulip Time to meet with the governor.

Our drivers got the chance to show the Governor how our robot works, and also gave him the chance to drive it! Governor Snyder has always been a huge support to FIRST robotics, and has helped make Michigan the largest district in the country! Michigan has over 400 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC, grades 9-12) teams, nearly twice the amount of any other state.

Governor Snyder, while visiting with the teams, gave a short speech to inspire the students to continue on their STEM journey.

The TriSonics with Governor Snyder