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The TriSonics at the World Championship

Each year, the Allendale Robotics teams strive to attend the World Championship in St. Louis. This year, our FRC team – the TriSonics – were excited to get the opportunity to attend! The TriSonics competed at two district events, and then advanced to the State Championship. The TriSonics were determined to qualify for the St. Louis competition, and this was reflected in their performance at the Michigan State Championship. After their district events, the TriSonics made many upgrades to their robot, and placed very well. They ended up coming in third at the competition, which brought them to the eighth place team in the entire state.

In St. Louis, their robot continued to perform exceptionally. They played 10 matches in qualification and won 9 of them, making them second in their division. In the elimination matches they captained the 2nd alliance and advanced to the semi finals where they were defeated. They also took home the Excellence in Engineering award for their turret design and quick vision code. This was the first time this team was in a captaining position at the State or World Championship, and this was also the first time they won an award at either of those competitions. 

Our drive team giving their team our “triangle”