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2017 Game Reveal

This morning our FRC students gathered at Allendale High School to get ready for the 2017 game reveal, Steamworks.

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Allendale Hosts 3rd Annual FTC Competition

Allendale is proud to host for the 3rd year the Annual Allendale FTC competition with this year's game: Velocity Vortex! 35 Michigan middle school teams travelled to Allendale Middle School on December 3rd to compete.

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Allendale Robotics at the Grand Rapids All Girls' Competition

On October 1st, many of the Grand Rapids FRC teams gathered in Wyoming to compete in the Grand Rapids All Girls' Robotics Competition. These teams used their robots from last year's game, Stronghold, to compete against each other. But, the difference was - only girls were allowed to be on the drive team! The TriSonics were excited to be a part of this event, and the girls on the team got together to work on driving the robot before the event. They practiced for a couple of weeks, and by the time of the event they were ready to compete!

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Michigan Governor meets with FIRST Robotics Teams

Just a couple weeks after the TriSonics returned from St. Louis, they got the opportunity to do a meet-and-greet with the Governor of Michigan. Along with several other West Michigan FIRST robotics teams, the students took their robot out to Holland during Tulip Time to meet with the governor.

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The TriSonics at the World Championship

Each year, the Allendale Robotics teams strive to attend the World Championship in St. Louis. This year, our FRC team - the TriSonics - were excited to get the opportunity to attend! The TriSonics competed at two district events, and then advanced to the State Championship. The TriSonics were determined to qualify for the St. Louis competition, and this was reflected in their performance at the Michigan State Championship. After their district events, the TriSonics made many upgrades to their robot, and placed very well. They ended up coming in third at the competition, which brought them to the eighth place team in the entire state.

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