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Our Teams

Allendale Robotics is comprised of five different age group teams!



The TriSonics, our High School team, compete nationwide in the FRC portion of FIRST. In January, a game is announced to all teams at the same time. Then, we have 6 weeks to design, build, and program our robots. Next, comes competition season! This consists of 6 weeks starting in March and ending in mid-April. Finally, the world championship is held the last week of April.

VEC Robotics Competition (VRC)


VEX VRC is for our 6-8th Grade Students. In VRC students build an 18″ Cube size robot out of metal components and use the VEX controller system to program and operate the robot to complete game tasks. Students in this program will compete in a League and Qualifying events with potential advancements to States and Worlds.


VEX GO is a program for our 2nd to 3rd Grade students that introduce them to building small robots and programming them to do tasks in a classroom type environment.


VEX 123 is an interactive, programmable robot that takes STEM, Computer Science and Computational Thinking off of the screen and brings them to life. For us, this program is a great learning opportunity for our K-1st Grade Students.


VEX IQ introduces our 4th to 5th grade students to snap together robots that are both run autonomously and driven by students for the challenges. Students start in September and compete in Leagues in October/November.