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First LEGO League JR. History

FLL JR. Boomtown Build Logo
2019: Boomtown Build

Overview of the Season Teams will explore the growing needs and challenges of the people in our community. Teams will help to imagine and create a building that solves a problem and makes life easier,...

FLL JR. Mission Moon Logo
2018: Mission Moon

Overview of the Season The FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. season will transport you to a place where you make the rules, learn to thrive and explore all that is around you. Discovery awaits when you...

FLL JR. Aqua Adventure Logo
2017: Aqua Adventure

Overview of the Season You and your community use water for many things every day. Where does your water come from? How does it get to you? Is the water cleaned or treated before you...

FLL JR. Creature Craze Logo
2016: Creature Craze

Overview of the Season In Creature Craze, students researched different animals to learn more about them and how they interact with the environment. We had 13 students that broke into 2 teams. This was the...

FLL JR. Waste Wise Logo
2015: Waste Wise

Overview of the Season In Waste Wise, students learned about different methods of recycling and controlling waste. We had 12 students, broke into 2 teams this season. Robot

FLL JR. Think Tank Logo
2014: Think Tank

Overview of the Season In Think Tank student researched about different learning methods and how to use them.

FLL JR. Disaster Blaster Logo
2013: Disaster Blaster

Overview of the Season In Disaster Blaster, teams learned about natural disasters and what causes them. In this season, our team of 7 students researched volcano’s and built a model to represent their findings.

FLL JR. Super Seniors Logo
2012: Super Seniors

Overview of the Season In Super Seniors teams learned about what it is like to become a Senior and what challenges come with it. The students had several Senior guests come and talk to them...

FLL JR. snack attack Logo
2011: Snack Attack

Overview of the Season In Snack Attack, students learned about food and food safety. In this season, the team grew to 13 students and broke into 2 groups to discover the Snack Attack.

FLL Body Forward Logo
2010: Body Forward

Overview of the Season Body Forward was a theme that had students learn about Biomedical. In this season, our team was a Rookie team with the first experience of Jr. FLL in our area. Our...